Your Voices

We asked artists, writers, photographers, and filmmakers around the world to submit their creative work about various issues related to motherhood. The result is this curated selection of pieces, Your Voices! Explore moving work that showcases the feelings, perspectives, and experiences of motherhood from all over the globe! Six outstanding pieces have been selected by a prestigious international jury as finalists for IMOW's Community Choice Award.

Featured Voices

Andre Lambertson | Kwame Dawes
Haiti / USA /Jamaica
This visual poem celebrates the strength that many Haitian mothers have displayed in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake.
Clare Yow
In her series of stark, simple images of women breastfeeding their children, Clare Yow invites us to rethink public breastfeeding.
V. Kottavei Williams’ work uses recycled records, boxes, paint, and other materials to depict mothers as powerful, vibrant, and engaged.
Esther Solonka
Esther, once part of the Maasai tribe in Kenya, shares how one woman empowered her to become an activist and better mother.
Germany / Argentina
The organization, Migrantas, gives migrant women and mothers a platform to express their experiences as women in a foreign land.