Birth Journal Maternity Excerpt

Jorge Caballero | Gusano Films
Every day in the maternity rooms of the public hospitals of Bogota, hundreds of women give birth. The medical institution is overwhelmed and often understaffed at many hospitals. Frequently, doctors and nurses simply cannot pay attention to the needs of the families. The mothers are almost always alone when they come to give birth, lacking support from their families, and lacking comprehension about the birth process. “Birth Journal Maternity Extract” depicts this theatrical scene and the conflict between two conflicting characters—an overstretched medical institution, and a woman in need.


About The Artist 

Jorge Caballero was born in Bogota, Colombia, in1979. He studied electronic engineering in Bogotá and telecomunications engineering and audiovisual communication in Barcelona. He works as a director, producer and editor for his own company, GusanoFilms. He’s also a teacher of the Master in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary in Autonoma University of Barcelona. His work has won numerous awards, including the 2010 Best Project at Doc Buenos Aires for his film “Birth Maternity Journal.” More information about the film is available here