Your Voices

We asked artists, writers, photographers, and filmmakers around the world to submit their creative work about various issues related to motherhood. The result is this curated selection of pieces, Your Voices! Explore moving work that showcases the feelings, perspectives, and experiences of motherhood from all over the globe! Six outstanding pieces have been selected by a prestigious international jury as finalists for IMOW's Community Choice Award.

Featured Voices

Kathy Halper
Kathy Halper's tongue-in-cheek, Facebook-inspired embroideries explore how technology affects the modern mother/child relationship.
Egypt / Italy
Musician and Producer Mutamassik dedicates a song to her grandmother, who was forced to give up her dream of becoming a doctor.
Paula Obè
Trinidad and Tobago
Paula Obè's song/poem celebrates her mother and grandmother as well as our women ancestors who paved the path for women's equality.
Tracei Willis
Tracei Willis’ poem offers a vivid glimpse of growing up in the American South and pays tribute to the women in her life.