Your Voices

We asked artists, writers, photographers, and filmmakers around the world to submit their creative work about various issues related to motherhood. The result is this curated selection of pieces, Your Voices! Explore moving work that showcases the feelings, perspectives, and experiences of motherhood from all over the globe! Six outstanding pieces have been selected by a prestigious international jury as finalists for IMOW's Community Choice Award.

Featured Voices

Chantal Anderson
Bangladesh / USA
This photo essay shows the mothers and children of Bangladesh, where extreme poverty reigns but maternal health has improved in recent years.
Jorge Caballero | Gusano Films
A woman in Colombia gives birth in this short film, which also illuminates the problems related to limited medical resources for women.
Kelly McIlvenny
Nepal / Australia
This photo essay depicts pregnant women in Nepal and introduces us to the men and women who guide mothers through a healthy delivery.
Renee Hoffman
As a way to process and release the pain and anger around her traumatic labor and delivery, Renee Hoffman created this Cesarean Quilt.
Sarah Henderson
Ethiopia / USA
Sarah Henderson tells the story of an Ethiopian woman who suffered from fistula and who received care at Hamlin Fistula Hospital.
Sasja van Vechgel
Tanzania / Netherlands
Sasja van Vechgel, alongside the Foxes NGO, photographed mothers, children, and families affected by the HIV/AIDS endemic in Tanzania.