Cécile S.
Darlene P.
Diane A.
Isilda L.
Shano B.
Sofia P.
Diane B.
Marie-Yanick D.
Véronique D.
Rebecca B. : "Motherhood it is like a sun shower – like those rare afternoons in summer when the rain falls while the sun shines – a wonderful combination of opposites: joy, frustration, satisfaction, worry: all at once. As a mother, I worry primarily for my children. I want the world to be a better place for them; I want them to be healthy; I want them to be safe, well cared-for, morally conscientious and educated in ways that stimulate their cognitive capacity. When I see children, I see the incredible beauty of human potential and I am sad by how far human endeavour often falls short of that bright promise. I had all four of my babies in hospitals. I had gynaecologists for each, and also was supported by the care of nurses, whose work often goes unacknowledged. "
Betty B. : “Women accomplish fabulous things throughout their lives but are often taken for granted, and not applauded as we should be. I gave birth to my son in an advanced age and it was a wonderful experience for me. I would have loved to have more kids but I just have one. Today, I took up this project in memory of my Mum who was a Midwife.”


The International Museum of Women’s Making Mothers Visible Ottawa-Gatineau global pop-up photography project in Gatineau, Canada took place on Sunday June 17th !

Mothers, midwives, and community members witnessed the public art installation in process as volunteers installed large-scale photographs of mothers and midwives outside of the Gatineau City Hall. The images installed are included in the above slideshow, along with quotes from each woman about her experience of motherhood and pictures documenting the installation. The afternoon was filled with art, music, and the fantastic entertainment offered by Diane Bouchard and her gorgeous marionettes. 

By Making Mothers Visible, we call attention to the vital role that mothers play in communities around the world, and the importance of their health, empowerment and leadership. 

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