Amina Ngwanipah
Cicilia Ihi: In my time, there were no hospitals, no clinic or medical institution. We delivered through the help of traditional doctors and sometimes by ourselves.
Cicilia Mboncho: Being a mother to me means having the experience to share. Mothers are like mini-gods. They are the caregivers and foundation for any household.
Cicilia Nzenghiake: Being a mother in Bafanji means being the caregiver, supporter, advisor, and guardian. It means you are all to all.
Zipora Malie: My life has changed as a mother. I now see things much differently with a more mature lense and new details.
Peyeleh Elizabeth: Childbearing was such a special moment for me. I felt like a magician in my own world giving birth to life.
Lydia Manjanoh: Motherhood to me means generosity.
Queen Ngwefuni Frida: My experience was so different from other women since I was the queen. As queen we had special traditional midwives, mostly men, who cared for expectant mothers.
Mary Mbieh: Motherhood means babysitting everybody: your husband, family and children, and even the larger community.
Mary Pekokeh: My concerns as a mother have been having access to health care, clean water, a safe home, and space to express myself comfortably and conveniently.
Mary Wewoh: My life as a mother has changed so greatly. I am now old and also taking care of great grand children whose parents are all dead.
Mbangwe Christina: My wish is that all mothers have education. Proper education to empower themselves and take proper care of their health and their childrens health.
Pefeu Matalina: Being a mother in Bafanji is an amazing experience. You get to see your children and even grandchildren grow old. Together we live- all old.
Penano Elizabeth: I would like to be seen as a warrior, champion, grandmother and great grandmother to many.
Rebecca Ndake: Mothers are God's gift to the world and we need to be treated with fairness and honor.
Vachinde Esther: I have delievred over 500 babies. I have loved this profession since I was a child. I love to help women through and after their delivery.
Wawo Tiengwe: Motherhood means being a counselor and peacemaker.
Helen Nchokwiwoh: Motherhood to me means love, compassion, and having empathy. Being a mother has been a life-time experience - to be able to give birth to life, nurture them and see them grow old together with you is what has changed my life as a mother.
Monica Pientil: Motherhood to me means to be blessed. As the oldest mother in this village, I have lived to see generations come and go. history being made.It's a blessing.

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