Elmar M.
Konul S.: First of all, being a mother changed my loneliness. It changed my femininity to be a mother. I have passed from one step to another in life.
Fakhriyya: Because I am a mother I understand that life goes on.
Mirnaib H.:To take care of my children, and always be helpful to them is the best part of being a mother.
Nargiz M.
Pari B.: The feeling of a mother – the rain of a light, the smell of flowers, the feeling of love and mercy, a creature that gives a life to the world!
Roshanak O.: I love that I am helping to create a new human being.
Rufat A.
Sabina S.: My only wish for all mothers is to be healthy.
Sadi T.: To be a doctor is a sacred profession. When I am on duty, each delivery, each baby that is born, and each moment of joy delivered to the families, is an unforgettable event for me.
Samira S.: From being a mother I learned to love and to feel happiness!
Tora A.: After becoming a mother I became more responsible and independent.
Tural C.: It is very difficult and comforting to be a mother, but it is my children who encourage me to get through all the problems that may arise.
Making Mothers Visible event in Baku!
Making Mothers Visible event in Baku!

Making Mothers Visible Baku in Azerbaijan was held on October 16th 2012 at 6:30 PM at the French Culture Institute of Azerbaijan, 67 Fuzuli street, Heydar aliyov sarai. Making Mothers Visible Baku was aslo held in the same location for the remainder of October.

 For more information, email Roshanak Ostad at

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